GrainOut are food processing waste and agro by-product specialists.  We uncover market opportunities for by-product uses.

Agro-industry by-products are rich in nutrients, and they can reduce costs for animal products. The abundance of processed foods will make industrial by-products more available.


Valorisation of agro-industrial by-products to beneficial substances
First and foremost we value-add and see to the upcycling and repurposing of organic materials created as a result of growing plants and animals.  These by-product streams encompass livestock wastes, crop debris, biosolids, food processing wastes, and industrial organic wastes.  This valorisation amounts to the transformation of food waste and by-products into new value added resources.

Driving the circular economy and resource recovery
GrainOut delivers by-product and resource recovery solutions for agro-industry. Drawing from a deeply connected network and strategic partnerships we uncover best practice outcomes for agro-industrial by-products and waste.

GrainOut are circular economy specialists, seeing opportunity where others see waste. We are committed to the utilisation of agro-industrial by-productsas a resource, and through our understanding of the technical, commercial and environmental drivers we provide recovery, transformation and disposal solutions.

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  • Food and beverage by-product management (disposal/reuse)
  • Food factory by-product repurposing (milled livestock feed)
  • Seed oil trading and brokerage
  • Product destruction
  • How we partner with industry and technology developers to create new channels